Recruiting World Class Talent Throughout the US

The Alana Group is an executive search firm specializing in the strategic identification, recruitment and placement of highly sought after executives within the professional services and SAP communities. As a boutique firm with over 24 years of search expertise, we have consistently demonstrated aptitude for introducing exceptional candidates to clients within timeframes rarely achieved by larger firms.

Our size allows us to be selective in our client partnerships and qualitative in our approach. We work on a maximum of three concurrent projects at one time, allowing us to remain agile, flexible, and responsive.  Our smaller operational makeup also enables us to provide retained level search at a contingency price point; a factor that is particularly appealing to our clients in a volatile economy.

What you can Expect

The Alana Group strives to surpass client expectations.  Our search methodology includes an inherently meticulous approach and dedication that most of our competitors do not embrace.  As a result, we deliver a thorough, efficient and proven process for locating and attracting highly qualified candidates who meet, and often exceed, the parameters of the searches we conduct.  Every resource in our organization is dedicated to satisfying our clients’ requirements for substantive and timely results. Our approach is client-oriented and distinguished by a commitment to service that is not only promised, but guaranteed.

A Better Alternative

Our fee structure is a hybrid of what our clients feel are the best qualities of contingency and retained search. We call it Retingency. We maintain the thoroughness and quality of retained search, but couple it with less stringent financial commitments than that of classic retained search.  We ask for exclusivity and an up-front retainer, but the majority of our fee is not invoiced until the client has tendered an offer and received an acceptance.  Typically, we present 3-5 pre-screened, qualified candidates to our clients within four weeks of kick-off.  Our searches are consistently completed in less than half the time required by retained search firms and net significant financial savings for our clients.   

Additional Services

In addition to our qualitative approach and unique executive search pricing structure, we offer customized services for our clients on an ad hoc basis.  To date, alternative projects have included such assignments as: augmentation of client recruiting function(s) on an hourly basis; identification and placement of niche market contractors to address short term issues; and identification and placement of teams of individuals to create or expand internal departments.

Contact Us

The Alana Group invites you to consider our firm for your next search.  If you would like more information on our services or our company, please contact us at 410-747-6946 or send us an email.